1 camera operator 

1 location

2 camera's (1 stationary)

5 hours of service

High definition dslr camera

Highlight montage set to music

3 DVD copies 


By capturing the feeling and emotions of your wedding, videography is so vital in recording one of the most special days of anybody's life. WIthout a video, wedding memories eventually fade with time. In addition, videography spots the little things we may not ever see. Wedding photography is equally important.

Our job as a wedding videographer is to captures life's special moments in all it's grandeur.

By using only professional video cameras to capture your wedding, quality is guaranteed. Packages give options to have multiple cameras to capture more angles. But most importantly, hiring a professional wedding videographer gives you the sure knowledge that the details of your ceremony and wedding day are in the hands of an expert. Precious moments like the way you and your spouse look into each others eyes as you are wed should never be forgotten. A good video, wedding videographer, and a couple that loves each other tremendously is the perfect recipe for special memories that will always be remembered.

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